Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Black Island Farms!!!!

Jarron and Cobey with all thier school buddies! Tate, Peyton, Pierce and Jarron, all with thier very own pumpkins they got to pick in the "punkin patch!"

Jarron and Isaac ready to go down this HUGE slippery slide!! Jarron was not even scared at all;) If the really big one would have been open, he probably would have done that one too!!!
We always have sooooooooooo much fun with our joy school friends! Black Island farms was way fun! The kids got to learn about corn, carrots, onions, indian corn, sunflowers and got to pick thier own pumpkins right off the vine!!! So much fun!!!!


Dawn said...

It's so weird to see the kids all bundled up in their warmest winter clothes! Can't believe you posted again!

brandif10 said...

I think I am going to pass out. 2 posts in a day. woo baby! I love the picture of Coby. He looks like that pumpkin is so huge he has to concentrate to pick it up.

Jill said...

Hey its nice to see you are among the living! I'm not sure we will be making it to the pumpkin patch this year! It may be the pumpkin patch of our local store! Hope you are feeling better!!

The Sumkos said...

Holy moly, you're back!!! Hope you are doing okay and I can't wait to see more posts!