Monday, October 27, 2008

Dad playing with kids on trampoline = one broken arm!!

So Tuesday evening we had our first ever broken arm experience!!! Poor Jarron was trying to be so tough and brave, but I don't think that heals bones back together very quickly. The dr. was so nice and Jarron got lots of suckers, which always makes life better, right?! So I was leaving for San Diego the next morning, the dr. wouldn't put the cast on until 24 to 48 hrs. later to let the swelling go down, so SUPER DAD had to take him in to cast it up!! I don't think having a big blue cast on his arm really phases him tho, he hasn't slowed down at all!! I love boys!!! Luckily Uncle Buddha was here when it all happened, so he was nice enough to stay with Cobey so Chris could go with me to take Jarron. Thanks Landon!!!

Yes, Jarron is holding onto Chris with his ONE good arm!!! Anyone wanna place bets on when our next broken bone will be?!

TA DA!!! Big Blue is what I call him now!!!! He has fun letting people sign his cast, it is pretty cool!!!

This is when we got home from the dr. the night it happened. It was all wrapped up and in the sling and he was not happy about it, but check out one of the MANY suckers the nurses gave him, in his hand. That was the only reason he stopped crying!! Poor kid:(

I love this one, Jarron is trying to be happy and you can see how bad Chris is feeling!!! I love that he signed " Sorry for breaking your arm, Love daddy:)" Poor dad:(


Kristi said...

Poor guy! He is so cute tho, glad you got this posted so quickly, keep it up!! I will send you San Diego pics very soon!!