Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh my how the Pioneer Woman makes me laugh!!!!

To all those who haven't heard of the Pioneer Woman website..... PLEASE check it out!!! You can link to it under my "friends" list!!!! She is hilarious and I end up crying everytime I read it cuz I laugh so flippin hard!!!!! Check out her recipes too!! I have freinds who have made a few of her recipes and thay say they are YUMMY!! Enjoy:)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jarron this summer.... he was working on his "pose" in the first two pics. The last picture is his first day of preschool!! Such a big kid!!:(

Our little man Cobey!!! These were all takin this last summer, nice bum where ya from?!

Baking with Grandma!!! The kids got to help bake the leftover pie dough and make cinnamon and sugar strips!! Yummy!!! Grandmas are blessed with patience:)

Jarron and his good friend Bryce!!! Can you say "Arrgh matey!!!!!"

Ok, so I am posting old pictures until I get another camera! We are about to celebrate Jarron's 4th Birthday and I thought we would compare from then to now!! My how a year changes a kid!!! He has grown up a ton, he LOVES his preschool, all the little girls get out of the cars in the morning and say "Hi Jarron!" and all the boys say "Hi buddy!", so he is making lots of friends!!

Would we expect anything less from our social bug?!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Please bear with me.... I lost my camera so that is why I still have Christmas pictures still up!? I will post new pics. when I get a new camera, which will hopefully be soon?!