Monday, October 13, 2008

I am alive... I am alive...(Barely!)

So I realize (after many threats) that I might need to get on this posting thing?! Since I last posted I was taking a nice pic. of the summer sunset....... well, this is what we woke up to Sunday morning:( I am not ready for winter?! I guess you could say we had a very busy summer, lots of camping, putting in our yard, playing with friends and family and having lots of fun sleepovers!!!! I will make sure I stay on top of this blogging stuff, lots of you have tagged me, I promise I will get to it. And for those of you who know about my whole ordeal with my wisdom teeth........ knock on wood, I hope I am on the road to recovery:) Enjoy!!!


brandif10 said...

Are you high on pain killers again? hahha It looks fun and my kids are jealous! The dr's must have went well yesterday. I am proud you posted! yahooooo!

Juli said...

Way to go DARC!!!!

Dawn said...

You're ALIVE! Glad you are posting again, hopefully it will be sooner then 3 months next time :) Glad you are feeling better-ish.