Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jarron!!

What a pair of handsome boys eating cereal straws!!!!
Just a little cleaning before his big party!!! Isn't he so cute!!!

Of course Jarron and Chris had to instantly attack Shera and the girls with the silly string he got!!! He LOVED the silly string!!
Jarron had a "Spiderman" party and I made a pathetic attempt to make his cake!!!

Oops!! Sorry I haven't figured out how to flip this the right way, so just turn your head!!!

Jarron got a couple phone calls from family and good friends who live out of state, but he was just as happy to hear them say "Happy Birthday!" over the phone! I love that Cobey is still licking EVERY inch of that beater!!!

The best part of making a birthday cake, is getting to lick the beaters!!! Yummy!!!

What a Winter!!!!

So, I hope we are through with the worst of Winter!!! I know I do alot of complaining, but geez!!! We chose the wrong winter to get climatized!! Here are some pics. of my crazies infront of alot of SNOW!!!! Burrr!!!!!

The lovely couple Nadene & Kenn!!!

My Aunt Nadene and cousin Ticia!! What a pretty wedding ceremony she had!!!

My cute Grandparents!!! This was taken at my Aunt's wedding, They don't like getting their picture taken, so it was a great opportunity to snap away!!! Love ya:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I miss my house!!!!

OK, so we are in the process of getting into a house here in Utah and it has done nothing but make me miss the house in Texas even more!! I am excited for what we are going through here in Utah, but it is just weird how much I have missed Texas!! It is time I go and visit!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here is my cute little Rani!!! My favorite feature on Rani are her eyes and her lips!!!! She is soo fun and I miss her soo much! I miss you to stace:) That is my cousin Ticia in the pic. holding Rani! She is such a fun cousin and my boys just LOVE Tishy!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Kidding!!!!!

Ok, so I guess I won't be going to Texas after all!!!!!:-( So Mr. Cobey has had a "cough" for the last week or so, well it got really bad today with a fever included. I knew when I took him into the doctor last week it was more than just a "cough" and I greatly appreciated the doctor "checking" his lungs or throat or anything for that matter!!! Well today the doctor, a different doctor, had me hog tie Cobey so he could stick that awful thing up his nose, down his throat and everywhere inbetween, well he was pissed!! When it was all over I was giving him loves and he just looked at me with the saddest eyes and pointed to his nose and kept saying over and over "nothe, owee", "nothe, owee" (nose, owee) he was so stuffed up he couldn't say nose right!!! It was the cutest, saddest thing ever!!!!!!! So needless to say we are homebound for the next few days!! yippee:) I take him back on Thursday to see how he is doing with all the junk we are giving him and hopefully it will just get better from here on out!! Oh by the way..... if any of you were wondering NO!!! my lovely husband is not present in this moment of chaios(sp?)!! But why would I need him, I am wonder woman remember!!!! I like to remind myself every once and a while:)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

By george, I think I get to go to Texas!!!

We are going to Texas next week, just for a quick trip, but I am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!! I dream about being back in Texas often so, YEA!!!!!!!!!!! I am also excited to say I am borrowing my mothers camera and will be posting new pictures soon!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!

I've been tagged!!! ( I am not a slacker!!)

You would think with all this time I have had my husband home and I am not productive!! He is the computer hog, buying and selling all these stinking basketball cards on ebay!! I never get any computer time! Ok so here it goes.....

1. I don't like reading books!!! I know Brandi, I am a slacker!!!

2. This one is soooooo gross to admit, but I probly shave my legs a total of 3 times during the winter!!:-)

3. I have a deep, deep, deep fear of speaking in church and driving in canyons and dark water!!

4. I secretly wish I was a Jazz Dancer!!! tee hee hee!! Could ya just see me out there workin it!?

5. The only reason I dont ski or snowboard is because I can not get off the lift!! It seems so weird to me to try and do that with slick, weird things on your feet!!!

6. I would love to go to school and be a nurse( one day maybe)

7. Speaking of medical things, The best part of having a baby is the c-section and the DRUGS!!! I look forward to it:)

I can't tag anyone cuz everyone I know has already been tagged!! Yup I am sooooo Popular!! But enjoy and don't judge me!!