Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy B-day!!!

So I just have to give a shout out to my sis. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry 'bout the pic. we are always taking pictures of the kids when we are together :( This was takin in New York a couple years ago when we went to visit them. I know you have your friends and Seema(your other big sister) out there to help you celebrate, but just know I am thinking of ya and hope you have a good day!!! Love you-love me:)

I am a mean mom but I had too!!!

So the day came that Jarron got to get his cast off!!!! He wasn't to excited about it, since it was his 2nd time getting a cast off, but we told him he could get a prize if he was brave. Well we had a little trauma at first, but the nurse was very, very good and worked well with Jarron. She went very slow and made sure it didn't get too hot. She got the cast off, it took forever, and then she had to cut the gauze off and by george she cut him with the "safe" scissors and he was done being brave!!! Poor kid and poor nurse! She felt so bad!! Needless to say, his arm was hairier after taking the cast off and he got to pic out two prizes!!

winter SNOW and Christmas Goodies!!!

My Mom is so cute! She had a "project" for JArron and Cobey to do with her, Jarron is ALWAYS wanting to play games or do projects with nanna!! This time she had them help her make some yummy goodies for Christmas. They had sooooo much fun and did very well with the treats!! Thanks Mom!!

This is a funny one... Mr. Cobey was a little "smelly" in the diaper area and Landon had to pull a face in my picture, of course!!

This is the second snow storm we have gotten this winter, but the first time they got to go out & play in it! Chris of course had to be out ther in all his gear and they made one GINORMOUS snow ball(pics. to come soon!)