Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a couple of Pilots!!!

I know this is a random picture, but we were able to copy this picture of Chris and his Dad on his Dad's retirement flight into our computer using one of the wonderful gifts he got me for my birthday!!!! So I was really excited to start practicing a few things to see how all the computer geek stuff worked!! Thanks to my hubby and all the other people who made my day a very good one!!!! It is crazy how the years just keep catching up to me, I am fearing the big 30 next year, yes I believe I am going to have a harder time with 30 than 40?! But the good thing is I have a whole nother year to enjoy my twenties!!! Yup, I am still in my twenties!!!! ;-)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My little Cobey!

So I am reflecting on what was happening almost 2 years ago exactly! Chris had just gotten home for a day off and we had gone to my moms to have a redneck BBQ, I had felt pretty good that day and it was warm so we had spent most of it outside playing with Jarron. There was a storm moving into Utah that was supposed to be dropping the barometer, well we enjoyed our dinner, played and had gone home. It was about 10:15pm and I started to feel kinda of uncomfortable, now I was induced and maybe felt one contraction with Jarron so I just thought I ate to much or something. So I got up and went into the frontroom and tried to relax. Chris was getting up early to catch a flight to Newark( he was commuting at that time) , so I was trying to be quiet and not bother him so I called my mom and she told me to try and time my "pains" and see if they were close together( I had no idea what a contraction felt like) So I sat there not knowing what I was doing and decided to go back to bed, there was no way I was gonna be going into labor he still had 3 weeks before his due date!! So at about 2:30am I got up to pee and I did more than just pee, my water broke!! Never had I experienced this either, so I yell to Chris, "wake up I think my water just broke!" He responds, "are you sure?" " Uh, yup, pretty sure", was all I could say back! So, he gets up, I called my mom, she came to stay with Jarron and I called Dr. Housel and he said to get to the hospitol, I delivered at Ogden Regional so we had to drive a good 35-40 min., and that I was the second one to call him that night and that it was probly the barometer change that put me into labor! So it is true, it can happen:) Needless to say, I now have felt contractions and they do hurt! I still wasn't sure if I was going to have another c-section, I was procrastinating that decision I guess until it had to be made and then Dr. housel kind of made it for me:) It was a good decision on his part!! It was all such a whirl wind and I just remember Chris trying to give me a blessing and the dr. walked in, nurses hooking up anti-biotics to my I.V. and it all spilling and dripping all over the floor and then getting really nervous for the epideral and shaking really bad!! And then all of a sudden there was this little monkey in front of me all wrapped up, with dark skin and TONS of long black hair and all I could do was laugh cuz he was a little Buddah!!! I do actually think that was the first thing I said to him was that he looked like Landon! It was all over so fast, they took me back to my room and all I could do was itch!!! It was awful!! I was so out of it, but I remember that I kept itching my face and arms! We had no name picked out, the night before at my mom's Chris was going through a buch of pilots names that flew from his work and he had said what about Colby and I said, nah, but what about Cobey and him and my dad both said not after Kobe Bryant, no way!! I said no, spell it different and think about it. Well, I was persistent on leaving the hospitol early and so only 2 days later they brought us the papers to fill out and we decided on Cobey Philip Penner, Philip after my Grandpa Valencia. Oh and when we were tyring to leave the hospitol, Jarron had his major accident and got himself a big fat harry potter scar on his forehead! What a day! I sure don't know what our lives would be like without that handsome little boy running around here in nothing but his diaper and Nikes!! We love you Pobey!!! Happy Birthday #2!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Cobey!!!!!!

My how he is growing up! This was the first he had sat up on his own, he was such a fuzzy ducky!

He is such a big helper!!
Such a goofy kid! Who else could look so cute in those glasses?!
His favorite past time, hiding under things... blankets, laundry baskets!


My cute little Cobey cheesin' it up for the camera!! You would never quess he is our shy one!!!

Our finished art work of dying the Easter eggs!!! Oh what fun:)
Nanna and her Cobey
All I can say is what a cheese ball Jarron is!!!

Jazz Game!!

Oh what a night?! Kevyn got all of us tickets to the Jazz vs. Lakers game and I have never been so entertained!! Wether it was the drunk Laker fans dancing around, Jazz fans throwing cups of liquid onto the court or fights breaking out on the street corner while we were walking to our car!! Needless to say, it was fun! Thanks Kevyn:) Go Jazz Go!!!!!