Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rani, Cobey and Jarron hangin' out in their diapers!!!

Everyone needs to have a picture in their diapers with their cousins!! It was a miracle they all sat still long enough to snap the picture!!!

Don't judge me...pause music, play video and watch to the end!!!

Jarron freaked out when he heard the thunder!!! I Could not control my laughter!!! I am such a mean mom!!! He! He! We sure do miss those storms though!! Good ol' Texas!!!

Oh how I love my Big Brother!!

This was a picture perfect moment!!!
Cobey sooooo LOVES his BIG brother right now,
I am sure that will all change soon enough!!!

So much fun in the SNOW!!!

My Three handsom boys!!!

This was taken clear back when Rani was blessed!

Flying with Grandpa

They had so much fun! I was so sick I couldn't go :(