Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've been tagged!!! ( I am not a slacker!!)

You would think with all this time I have had my husband home and I am not productive!! He is the computer hog, buying and selling all these stinking basketball cards on ebay!! I never get any computer time! Ok so here it goes.....

1. I don't like reading books!!! I know Brandi, I am a slacker!!!

2. This one is soooooo gross to admit, but I probly shave my legs a total of 3 times during the winter!!:-)

3. I have a deep, deep, deep fear of speaking in church and driving in canyons and dark water!!

4. I secretly wish I was a Jazz Dancer!!! tee hee hee!! Could ya just see me out there workin it!?

5. The only reason I dont ski or snowboard is because I can not get off the lift!! It seems so weird to me to try and do that with slick, weird things on your feet!!!

6. I would love to go to school and be a nurse( one day maybe)

7. Speaking of medical things, The best part of having a baby is the c-section and the DRUGS!!! I look forward to it:)

I can't tag anyone cuz everyone I know has already been tagged!! Yup I am sooooo Popular!! But enjoy and don't judge me!!


brandif10 said...

Okay, I can feel the thing with the jazz dancer. To bad I don't have rythym. We our kids get old you and I can totally go back to school together and be study partners!! As for getting off the lift, I have face planted it and then 2 times later fell again. Let me just say people were getting their laughs in!! I also understand about the hubby being a computer hog!!!