Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jarron!!

What a pair of handsome boys eating cereal straws!!!!
Just a little cleaning before his big party!!! Isn't he so cute!!!

Of course Jarron and Chris had to instantly attack Shera and the girls with the silly string he got!!! He LOVED the silly string!!
Jarron had a "Spiderman" party and I made a pathetic attempt to make his cake!!!

Oops!! Sorry I haven't figured out how to flip this the right way, so just turn your head!!!

Jarron got a couple phone calls from family and good friends who live out of state, but he was just as happy to hear them say "Happy Birthday!" over the phone! I love that Cobey is still licking EVERY inch of that beater!!!

The best part of making a birthday cake, is getting to lick the beaters!!! Yummy!!!


Stacee said...

Love the cake! Now I feel even more like a bad mom for not making Rani's! I miss them sooo much. I miss Jarron saying - "Um, Stacee, what do you say?". He's so cute I can't wait till Cobey starts really talking too. Love the rainbow striped birthday shirt too!!! He he :)

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun spidey man party! I thought your cake turned out cute...good job. Happy late Birthday Jarron!!!

Frank said...

Happy belated Birthday Jarron from the Maschkes in Germany. We hope you had a great birthday. It is nice to read and see you guys once in a while.