Friday, May 1, 2009

Jarron's BIG day!!! :( :( :( :(

This is a few days after surgery... Mrs. Pistacio could tell he didn't feel well!

This is going into the hospital. He got to take "friend" the frog with him into surgery, he also got a cool dinosaur animal he took in also! Too bad they weren't the ones getting stuff cut outta them:(

Th red wagon they took him away in....... I was a mess!!!!! The saddest thing to watch! He was SO brave though! I thought he would cry but he was tough!!

He thought the silly hat he had to put on was fun!! Isn't he soooooooo cute!!

This is right after we got him dressed, he was so sad:( They were a little behind so him and Chris got to settle both thier nerves by watching a little Tom and Jerry!! It helped a little.


Jill said...

What was his surgery for?? I searched around your blog and I didn't see why! I'm glad he is feeling better! Isn't it funny when animals just know when they are needed for a good snuggle!!

Darci said...

it was tonsils, adenoids and tubes in both ears!!!Too much for me to handle, but he was a champ!!!

Steve and Jen said...

Yea for the champ! It is hard when the kiddos have to go for the hospital for anything. Glad he's done and hope he heals quickly! So, how are you?