Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such is crazy life!!!!

So what you will see below is just the begining of it! We have had the craziest past month or so and I keep telling myself it will slow down..... yea right! Who said anything about putting in a yard, running kids here and there cuz that is what summer brings, and just trying to keep up with all the other regular day to day stuff that already seems to consume me?! I am not complaining, but someday I would like to have all my laundry done and put away all in the same day!! I love busy work(thanks Mom) so I guess I create it, right? There are a ton more pictures I need to post, so I will get to them soon!!!

Outside fun!!

Cute little Rani:) Chirs helping our neighbors lay sod, he is always such a good helper!!
Cobey lovin his otterpop, yum yum:)
Jarron lovin his apple? They are such opposite personalities sometimes!
Cobey and Rani actually look like they are getting along? Wow!! Cobey definatley lets Rani no that he is in charge!! It is sooooo funny to watch the two of them!!!

Random Birthday pics.

"Who wants Cake?!".... "who wants cake?!" Sorry Ellie and Jeff, I know you wanna kill me right now, but I told you I was gonna post it!!!! It is too funny!!! Ellie was trying to run away from getting her picture taken, but Jeff saved the day and grabbed her!!! Ha Ha!
Bet ya they were talking about basketball?! Such seriousness:)

Cobey turned TwO?!?!


DiG in !?! Cobey had so many cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas come to support him!!!! Although it has been a couple months already, we just wanted to say ThANks and say how much fun we had!!!! Here are some random pics. of people at his party!

One handsome kid!!!

What boy wouldn't want to be surrounded by all these cUte girlies?!

Jarron and Navi..... he loved every chance he got to play or dance by Navi:) They were so cute, she would try to hold his hand and he didn't know what to think of it and would shrug her off, so I said "Jarron, sometimes girl's like to hold hands, that means that you like them." he said back to me," Oh, but I still don't want to hold her hand!" He has a few years to learn the tricks of the trade:)

Jarron's BIG fishing trip!!!

Jarron was soooo ExCiTEd to use his new "rOcKEt" fishing pole!! Needless to say, I think he is the only one who caught a fish that entire weekend!! We had such a fun time:) Thanks to Kevyn and Cheree for letting us all crash in the camper during the StoRMy moments!!!! Don't mind mine and Chris' freiking out during the video! We honestly were not prepared, and the funny thing is you can hear Jarron starting to freik out cuz he saw the bLoOd from getting the hook out
of the fish and he felt SOOOOOO bad for hurting it!?! He is my tender hearted one!! I love him:)

Oh yea and stop my music.....enjoy!