Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jarron's BIG fishing trip!!!

Jarron was soooo ExCiTEd to use his new "rOcKEt" fishing pole!! Needless to say, I think he is the only one who caught a fish that entire weekend!! We had such a fun time:) Thanks to Kevyn and Cheree for letting us all crash in the camper during the StoRMy moments!!!! Don't mind mine and Chris' freiking out during the video! We honestly were not prepared, and the funny thing is you can hear Jarron starting to freik out cuz he saw the bLoOd from getting the hook out
of the fish and he felt SOOOOOO bad for hurting it!?! He is my tender hearted one!! I love him:)

Oh yea and stop my music.....enjoy!


Lindsay Spencer said...

You are Hilarious! "come here fishy, fishy." I loved it.