Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such is crazy life!!!!

So what you will see below is just the begining of it! We have had the craziest past month or so and I keep telling myself it will slow down..... yea right! Who said anything about putting in a yard, running kids here and there cuz that is what summer brings, and just trying to keep up with all the other regular day to day stuff that already seems to consume me?! I am not complaining, but someday I would like to have all my laundry done and put away all in the same day!! I love busy work(thanks Mom) so I guess I create it, right? There are a ton more pictures I need to post, so I will get to them soon!!!


cheree said...

Oh the joy of summer!! Life never gets slower I swear! I love all the pictures! And I love your back ground! Where did it come from?

Alisha B. said...

Love all the cute pictures, and super cute background. Your house looks so fun! Are you loving it? We for sure have to play this summer!

Anonymous said...

I love your background! and your little fam is sooo cute! Don't you wish it was all of us doing our sod...soon hopefully, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Darcy!

Wow, I still remember going to some inside water park with waves with you and a bunch of other girls! Wow! Time flies!

I so know how you feel about the day to day! What else is there right?! It is what keeps us sane and happy these days!

So nice seeing you and that you are happy! Take care!:)

Mylinda (Harrison) Mortensen:)

Jill said...

DARCI!!!!!!! I FOUND YOU!!! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER THIS BLOG THING FOR YOU!! ITS JILL YOUR FAVORITE UTAH ROOMMATE EVER! I AM A LITTLE EXCITED!! (the reason for the caps!!) How the heck are you?! email me, go to my blog, anything!
Love ya and miss ya!!

Hyde Family said...

Okay so I was beginning to wonder if you were still alive. Sounds like you have been very busy, but that you are still sane! I talked to Andrea and she booked our better still be going. Call me sometime when you are in the area.