Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiajuana anyone?!

This is our first wonderful stop, Imperial beach San Diego.....if you were wondering, yes that is a television laying next to the DUMPSTER!!!!! Had we known how great this beach house was going to be, we might have just never came home! The best was the junk they left on the back patio for us to either keep or add to the garbage laying next to the garbage can! We tried to check in a little early and the girl told us she couldn't give us the keys cuz she didn't have them back yet, they were with the cleaners who were cleaning it. We walked aroung a bit and were being photographed by some scary man, so we HAD to get the keys!!! No if's and's or but's about it! We walked into our "beach house" and I wanted to cry! It stunk, it had not been cleaned in at least a month or two, we knew this because of the stench and maybe the dead moth and fly laying on the floor next to the couch, and I was not going to throw my $$$ away, so I got the nerve up and we walked back over to the office and I told them we needed to work something out! I know your probly thinking " not Darci?!" YES!!!!!! It was that bad! But needless to say we went and found a better place up in San Diego, not freiking Tiajuana!! We laughed so hard about it all, probly from the begining when the fancy, rich lady sitting next to us on our way over to get our rental car, had a priceless look on her face the minute we said we were staying on Imperial Beach!!! LOL It is all about the memories, right?! Thanks for helping us create good ones Andrea :)


brandif10 said...

how are you making these cute layouts with your pictures? Email me and let me know. Also I am glad you had fun and made lots of memories!! Way to be the brave on Darc