Monday, December 15, 2008

I am a mean mom but I had too!!!

So the day came that Jarron got to get his cast off!!!! He wasn't to excited about it, since it was his 2nd time getting a cast off, but we told him he could get a prize if he was brave. Well we had a little trauma at first, but the nurse was very, very good and worked well with Jarron. She went very slow and made sure it didn't get too hot. She got the cast off, it took forever, and then she had to cut the gauze off and by george she cut him with the "safe" scissors and he was done being brave!!! Poor kid and poor nurse! She felt so bad!! Needless to say, his arm was hairier after taking the cast off and he got to pic out two prizes!!


Steve and Jen said...

Jarron, you are so brave! Darci, you are not a mean mom! Good to see you posting again!

Christina said...

Sad little peanut! I can't believe he got jacked from the "safe" scissors! How does that happen?!? I haven't had to deal with a cast yet...knock on wood! Your little boys are so cute!!