Thursday, November 13, 2008

We had our "friend" Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. We get together on a day when the majority of the husbands will be home(we missed ya Steve) and try to eat some turkey!!! It was lots of fun and I had to take pictures to prove that my turkey and rolls turned out!!!! I was very nervous we would be ordering some pizza, but it all went very well and everyone's food was delicious!! I miss all our "get togethers" in Texas, but I do appreciate all those who had to travel to celebrate with us and wish we could do it more often!!! Thanks Jenny for making such a fun dvd of all our memories!!!!!

So we went to the "magoon" the last day of the season. We thought we would hit up the Frightmares at least once. We found out Jarron had grown a little since the last time we went this summer and he could go on "The Bat"! He was brave and tried it:) He said he liked it, so maybe next summer we can hit a few more of the bigger rides if he keeps growing!!!! It was fun just to spend the day together and just do what we wanted!!

Yummy, yummy!!!

So nothing goes better with Halloween than sugar cookies and doughnuts!!! Cobey was so funny when he was eating his doughnut, he didn't use his hands once!!!!! He also wouldn't let anyone help him cut out the cookies!! He is so independent?!?!

Transformers, more than meets the eye....

So, Jarron was so excited to be "bumble bee" from Transformers.....he LOVES transformers!!!! He practiced his bumble bee "pose" and I think he perfected it!!! He got to have lots of parties for school and had way too much fun!!! He is already planning what he wants to be for next year!! He is such a funny kid!

Arrgh Matey!!!!!!

Cobey was so fun this Halloween, he couldn't make up his mind between being a Ghost, a firefighter or a pirate! Mom made the choice easier, we already had the pirate costume so that is what won!!! He had fun trick or treating and got TONS of candy!!! The best was him trying to eat the doughnut he got at our ward "trunk or treat", I will have to post that picture! It was too funny!!