Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So funny story..... this morning I was on the ball, I had the kids in the van ready to take Jarron to school, all of our recycling goods loaded up to go help "save the planet", dry cleaning ready to go get dropped off, a few returns to get done and what do ya know....... my van won't start!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?! So the funny thing about this story is that you would think that my first concerns would be getting Jarron to school or getting all my erands ran, oh no.... my frist panic thought was " Oh crap! I can't go get my diet coke this morning and I don't have any in the house?!?!? " Yes I have a problem, I am addicted!!!! I seriously went into panic mode! Luckily I have a very handy neighbor, Amy:) She saved my life today and as you can see in the pic. she knew how to do a man's work, she jump started my van!! YEA:) She was a lifesaver today and lots of other days!!! Thanks Amy, I owe you!! So I ended up getting to "Check-her-auto parts" and a nice young gentleman was able to get me a new battery and even put it in for me:) I think he knew I needed some help! Diet Coke anyone? I am learning very quickly to laugh at my life!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All I have to say is if you are ever near a Pink Berry, you HAVE to try one.... they are too yummy :) I am glad I had Kristi there along with me, she understood the need to try one!! It was so fun going to the grove and farmers market in L.A. It is such a change in scenery every corner you turned in L.A.!! We got into some crazy parts.... maybe next time we can get the maps that show the stars homes and stay in the nicer parts!! I think I am done seeing strange drunk men on the corner peeing on themselves!! Yes that really did happen, I think we were trying to find our way out of "Korea town"? Not a good palce to be:)

Yummy places we ate at!

Jellyfish/ "no see um" sting anyone?!

So after our great day in Imperial Beach, we decided the next day we would try to upscale it a little and go to Coronado Island.... Well, we got there, walked around and looked at the shops enjoyed the scenery, it was nice. We decided we would hit the beach for some good photo opportunities, we got down there, really nice beaches by the way, and we started taking pictures. Well I told everyone to go down to the water and I would take the pic. I threw my flip flops off and took maybe 4 steps and I got this pain in my foot and it just kept shooting up my leg and stinging me! It hurt sooooo bad! So we see a lifeguard truck down the beach a ways, so cute little pregnant Angie starts running down there to get him. I am following her, hobbling along, trying not to let the tears just start flowing, so you ask where the other two were?! Picking up SEASHELLS and SAND DOLLARS, and taking pictures of themselves on the beach!!! Good friends I've got, right?! So the lifeguard tells me it was a "no see um" that got me and he wanted us to show him where I was when I got stung. So me and Angie hop in his truck and tell him where to go, Angie was sitting in the back seat and this guys dirty dishes were falling all over her! It was the funniest thing! He took us to our car and told me what to get at the store and what to do for my sting and sent us on our merry way! In the moment I really wasn't finding humor in all of it, I really hurt and I was kind of scared, but as soon as we got the ammonia and meat tenderizer on it, I felt a TON better:) So which one of my friends would have pee'd on me if I needed them to you ask? I would have to say..... Angie! Just kidding Ang, but it was funny cuz everyone that we told, their first reaction was "have someone pee on her!" eww gross!!!! The best part and I will have to post pics later, is that the life guard was David Arquette's look alike or twin!! He was totally a surfer dude!! I am laughing about it all now!! Good thing for ammonia and meat tenderizer, it really does work! I just had to pour it on my foot through out the day and I was fine!!! So if you are wondering what I am doing in some of those pics., it is me fixing my sting!!! Good times:) LOL!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tiajuana anyone?!

This is our first wonderful stop, Imperial beach San Diego.....if you were wondering, yes that is a television laying next to the DUMPSTER!!!!! Had we known how great this beach house was going to be, we might have just never came home! The best was the junk they left on the back patio for us to either keep or add to the garbage laying next to the garbage can! We tried to check in a little early and the girl told us she couldn't give us the keys cuz she didn't have them back yet, they were with the cleaners who were cleaning it. We walked aroung a bit and were being photographed by some scary man, so we HAD to get the keys!!! No if's and's or but's about it! We walked into our "beach house" and I wanted to cry! It stunk, it had not been cleaned in at least a month or two, we knew this because of the stench and maybe the dead moth and fly laying on the floor next to the couch, and I was not going to throw my $$$ away, so I got the nerve up and we walked back over to the office and I told them we needed to work something out! I know your probly thinking " not Darci?!" YES!!!!!! It was that bad! But needless to say we went and found a better place up in San Diego, not freiking Tiajuana!! We laughed so hard about it all, probly from the begining when the fancy, rich lady sitting next to us on our way over to get our rental car, had a priceless look on her face the minute we said we were staying on Imperial Beach!!! LOL It is all about the memories, right?! Thanks for helping us create good ones Andrea :)

San Diego

Dad playing with kids on trampoline = one broken arm!!

So Tuesday evening we had our first ever broken arm experience!!! Poor Jarron was trying to be so tough and brave, but I don't think that heals bones back together very quickly. The dr. was so nice and Jarron got lots of suckers, which always makes life better, right?! So I was leaving for San Diego the next morning, the dr. wouldn't put the cast on until 24 to 48 hrs. later to let the swelling go down, so SUPER DAD had to take him in to cast it up!! I don't think having a big blue cast on his arm really phases him tho, he hasn't slowed down at all!! I love boys!!! Luckily Uncle Buddha was here when it all happened, so he was nice enough to stay with Cobey so Chris could go with me to take Jarron. Thanks Landon!!!

Yes, Jarron is holding onto Chris with his ONE good arm!!! Anyone wanna place bets on when our next broken bone will be?!

TA DA!!! Big Blue is what I call him now!!!! He has fun letting people sign his cast, it is pretty cool!!!

This is when we got home from the dr. the night it happened. It was all wrapped up and in the sling and he was not happy about it, but check out one of the MANY suckers the nurses gave him, in his hand. That was the only reason he stopped crying!! Poor kid:(

I love this one, Jarron is trying to be happy and you can see how bad Chris is feeling!!! I love that he signed " Sorry for breaking your arm, Love daddy:)" Poor dad:(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Black Island Farms!!!!

Jarron and Cobey with all thier school buddies! Tate, Peyton, Pierce and Jarron, all with thier very own pumpkins they got to pick in the "punkin patch!"

Jarron and Isaac ready to go down this HUGE slippery slide!! Jarron was not even scared at all;) If the really big one would have been open, he probably would have done that one too!!!
We always have sooooooooooo much fun with our joy school friends! Black Island farms was way fun! The kids got to learn about corn, carrots, onions, indian corn, sunflowers and got to pick thier own pumpkins right off the vine!!! So much fun!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am alive... I am alive...(Barely!)

So I realize (after many threats) that I might need to get on this posting thing?! Since I last posted I was taking a nice pic. of the summer sunset....... well, this is what we woke up to Sunday morning:( I am not ready for winter?! I guess you could say we had a very busy summer, lots of camping, putting in our yard, playing with friends and family and having lots of fun sleepovers!!!! I will make sure I stay on top of this blogging stuff, lots of you have tagged me, I promise I will get to it. And for those of you who know about my whole ordeal with my wisdom teeth........ knock on wood, I hope I am on the road to recovery:) Enjoy!!!